HOTEL VEREDA TROPICAL & RESTAURANTE / TEL: (507) 6473-5035 /250-2113, 250-2154/ Email:


A paradise near you ….

Enjoy a warm intimate atmosphere and personalized attention either on the terrace or inside, while we offer a dazzling array of exquisite “fusion” on our plates.
In addition, the bar “The Pelicans” offers a wide selection of wines and delicious exotic drinks, not forgetting suggest that taste the “Vereda Tropical Cocktail”. We invite you to eat our delicious “Pizzas”, unique on the island of Taboga.


The Island with 5.9 square kilometers (590 hectares) offers for swimming, beautiful beaches and clear waters: La Restinga or Playa Honda.
You can fish, play sports or diving acáticos, also if you prefer you can sail around the island to enjoy its beautiful vegetation, caves, islands, rocks and marine wildlife. You can also find walk the small town and its historic sites, walking up the hill de la Cruz, the Vigia and the second shelter pelicans world’s most important